Thursday, February 21, 2019

Chapter 4: What Lies Behind the Law

I. Science cannot decide between the two main explanations for existence.
    A. Materialist—all things exist for no reason and have produced us by chance.
    B. Religious—behind the universe is something that is most like a mind, with consciousness and purpose.
II. Neither view is much like the God of Christianity.

Discussion questions: (pp. 21-27)
    1. What prevents science from deciding between the materialist and the religious views of what the universe is and how it came to be? (pp. 22-23)
    2. Is the ultimate “why” answerable? How do “cause” and “purpose” differ?
    3. Lewis distinguishes “does” and “ought to do”. Does this mean that there is a Power outside our observable universe that informs us of right and wrong? (pp. 23-25)

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