Thursday, February 21, 2019

Chapter 5: We Have Cause to be Uneasy

I. The best way to make progress is to correct past mistakes.
II. There are two pieces of evidence about the "Something" behind the universe.
    A. "Something" made the universe the way it is.
    B. "Something" made us and placed in us the knowledge of the law of correct behavior.
    C. We infer that "Something" is interested in correct behavior.
    D. But we have no basis for inferring that "Somebody" is good, forgiving, indulgent, or any other property.
III. We are on the wrong side with this "Something".

Discussion Questions: (pp. 28-32)
    1. Are we on the wrong road? (pp. 28-29) In what ways?
    2. Is God the only comfort and the supreme terror? (pp. 30-31)
    3. Is the realization of our true situation “the way back to the right road”? (p. 32) See Matt. 9:10-13.

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