Thursday, February 21, 2019

Chapter 3: The Shocking Alternative

I. Free will.
    A. Even as God is all-powerful, the conditions in the world are contrary to His will.
    B. Free will makes evil possible.
    C. Free will makes love possible.
    D. God made it possible for man to be evil.
II. How the Devil went wrong.
    A. Satan wanted to be the center instead of God.
    B. Man wanted to be independent of God.
        1. Man wanted to find or create happiness apart from God.
        2. There can be no happiness apart from God.
III. A fatal flaw develops in the best institutions of man.
    A. God sent us conscience.
    B. God sent us "good dreams".
    C. God selected the Jews to reveal His nature to.
        1. There is only one God.
        2. God cares about conduct.
IV. God sent Jesus
    A. The shocking claim that Jesus is God.
    B. The claim to forgive sins.
    C. The claim that He is humble and meek.
    D. Jesus cannot be described as a "great moral teacher" unless His other claims are granted.

Discussion questions: (pp. 47-52)
    1. How free are we? (pp. 47-49)
    2. Is there happiness apart from God? (pp. 49-50)
    3. Utopia is hopeless in life. why? (p. 50)
    4. Is the assessment of Jesus, that he can be either insane, a demon, or Lord, fair? How can He be a great moral teacher? (pp. 51-52)

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