Thursday, February 21, 2019

Chapter 1: The Rival Conceptions of God

I. Christians do not have to believe that other religions are completely wrong.
II. First division
     A. Atheists (minority)
     B. Theists (majority)
         1. Second division
             a. Pantheists
                 i. God is beyond "good and evil"
                 ii. God is part of the universe
             b. Monotheists
                 i. God is interested in "good and evil" and strongly committed to good.
                 ii. God is outside the universe and created it, typically monotheistic.
III. If a good God made the world, why has it gone wrong?
      A. An argument against God, who cannot be good if He created an unjust world
      B. The judgment that the world is unjust requires a notion of justice. But where can that come from, if not God?

Discussion Questions: (pp. 35-39)
    1. Some hold that the Old Testament stories of creation, the Fall, the flood, and the ethics of the Law are derived from a prior source. What would Lewis say to that? (p. 35)
    2. Are the divisions of religious views fair? Do you see any problems with it? (pp. 35-37)
    3. Is Christianity a "fighting religion"? (pp. 37-38)
    4. Can God be denied on the grounds that the universe is unjust? (pp. 38-39)

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