Wednesday, February 5, 2020


    C. S. Lewis’ classic, Mere Christianity, has been a challenging, interesting, and engaging book for both individuals and small groups for many decades. Whether a small group consists of Christians, a mix of Christians and non-Christians, or Christians of contrasting persuasions, Mere Christianity can be expected to focus the participants’ attention on the vital characteristics of historic Christianity, providing a fresh perspective for most and a sharp clarity for all. These study outlines and discussion questions are intended to stimulate and extend thoughts that spring from the book.
    Page numbers refer to a popular edition published by HarperCollins available since 2001. It can be identified by ISBN 978-0-06-065292-0. While neither the Preface nor the Foreword are outlined or discussed here, they are both worthwhile, and a small group leader should urge the members to read them both carefully.
    Feel free to log any notes or corrections here. A PDF format version of the entire text below is available here. If you have any questions, please write to me at
    Many thanks to the members of the Growth Group who worked their way through this with me and thus helped to improve and refine the discussion questions.
    RMA 2/6/20

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